About the Author

Insightful. Reflective. Determined. Emmeline Elizabeth Whitcomb’s confidence suffered a major setback early in life in the classroom of a dictatorial elementary-school teacher. Living daily with verbal lashings and humiliating labels, Emmeline withdrew and second-guessed herself at every turn. Many nights were filled with tears at the fear of what the next day might bring. One day, a piece of advice—“all things can work for good”—prompted her to change her perspective. She used those painful circumstances to better understand how relationships work, to come back from adversity, and to help others find the wisdom to be curious, confident, and successful.

Currently, Emmeline works in the North Dallas area, fulfilling her passions and strengths of organization and relationship management as a project manager at a marketing research firm. She continues to find opportunities to lead and help others achieve confidence and success. When not working, Emmeline thoroughly enjoys doing modern calligraphy for hire and two-stepping late into the night for weekend fun!

Contact Emmeline: emmeline at wisdomwithoutthewrinkles.com

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